From Pasture to Paradise

The Story of Trotts Garden

This unique book is beautifully illustrated throughout with over 180 photographs of the garden and its plants. Alan Trott not only describes his garden and its plants and the way the garden came about, but illustrates both the garden and its plants with his wonderful photography.

Trotts Garden is a Garden of International Significance. Alan guides you, the reader, through the garden from its very beginning. It is now recognised as one of New Zealand’s finest gardens, and Alan describes his plants as though they were his children.


Paradise Through the Seasons

A Year in the Life of Trotts Garden

Paradise Through the Seasons: A Year in the Life of Trotts Garden is a unique book, beautifully illustrated with over 330 photographs of the Trott garden as it develops through each season of a year.

In this, his second book, Alan guides us through the unique attributes of each season as it plays out in the Woodland Garden, the Red Garden, the Pond and Damp Garden, the Formal Garden – comprising knot gardens that have been described as some of the most sensational in the world – the Border Garden and, finally, the Brantwood Chapel.


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